Puffy Tacos

Well today is the 2 year anniversary since Em and I met in San Antonio. To commemorate, I made Puffy Tacos – San Antonio style. These yummy tacos have a cult following back in SA and are nothing more than corn masa tortillas deep fried and filled with your favorites beef, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and salsa. What makes them unique is the how the masa puffs up during frying. The end result is light and airy and crisp. Yum! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photographs tonight. We were too busy throwing our faces into the tacos that I forgot. But they look like this:

from homesicktexan@blogspot









I decided to make today the first blog entry on this site because it kind of shows what I want it to be all about. Real food made by a real person. I’m not saying other foodie bloggers aren’t real… but for this regular Jane sometimes what they create is unattainable. At least not every night of the week. So as a new hobby and to make use of my favorite, hey-it’s-professional-to-me-even-if-I-did buy-it-at-Ross, knife – I’ll be a “Foodie” on Sunday Nights Only. Kinda like the Sunday Night Dinner clubs, except – I’m the only one cooking. I’ll scour the ‘nets for a new recipe that challenges my skills and my tastebuds. I can’t wait to call family and friends on Sunday afternoon and invite them over for food that’s a little different than the usual.

Till Next Time, M.


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